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Suggested Docking Location for the Gaza Cruise Ship Flotilla:
  The Grand Palace Hotel, Gaza
Grand Palace Hotel Gaza
(Quoting their website and photos)

    Opened since 2004, Grand Palace is one of the best hotels in Gaza city. Built to exceed customers expectation as it is located at the beach side of Gaza city with the direct beach view, the hotel welcomes its guests.

    The distance between the hotel and the city center is approximately 3 km in a quiet peaceful area, where the reach to the city center is easy, while nothing is better than a 5 minute walk to the beach.

    The hotel depends on his services on high level staff who are selected accurately with high qualification in hospitality that makes us the favorite between the establishment.

Grand Palace Hotel Gaza    Due to the usual electricity cutoff, the hotel is provided with 2 high level generators to keep the customers comfortable.

Press Room

Our Mission:

    Our mission is to exceed customers expectations and be a leader in the hospitality market in Gaza as well as being the a good challengers Internationally.
  Our Notes: This 5-star hotel is located on the beach in Gaza, so it makes a great place for the flotilla ships to dock. Due to the humanitarian needs in Gaza, this hotel is in desperate need of tiny umbrellas to go into mixed drinks, as well as fresh caviar to be served to hotel guests on the beach. It is vital, therefore, that the Gaza flotilla ships arrive in a timely manner and must not be delayed by Israeli ships.

The ambience of this hotel is in jeopardy, proving the need for Flotilla Cruise Line!!!!

Considering this beach-front hotel, South Beach, Florida needs a humanitarian aid flotilla too!
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Suggested Sporting Events for the Gaza Cruise Ship Flotilla:
Gaza Opens New Football (Soccer) Stadium, complete with Pepsi sponsorship
Soprting events in Gaza
    What would a trip to an exotic location be if you didn't check out a local sporting event? Well, have no fear because in Gaza, you can see soccer games, complete with Pepsi sponsorship, and you may even be there on a day where you can see Hamas and Qatar dignitaries. Who knows, you may get an autograph!

Click Here to read the article
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Suggested Shopping for the Gaza Cruise Ship Flotilla:
  YNet News Headline:
1st Gaza Mall Attracts Thousands
New Gaza Shopping Mall
     Despite siege, new shopping center in Strip opened its doors last Saturday to enthusiastic crowds, offering international brands, much-needed air-conditioning. Mall's manager promises affordable prices tailored for local residents

Click Here to read the article
  Our Notes: Never heard of this mall? It's probably because the Palestinian Authority and Hamas really don't want you to see it. After all, it is in a posh neighborhood in Gaza, and they don't want you to even know there are nice neighborhoods there. They want you to have the false image of a poor starving Gaza. Does this look like a "humanitarian crisis?" No, of course not, but it is where the Flotilla Cruise Line guests will surely go shopping, yet the Arab media will never show those photos.
  Being a new shopping mall, we suspect the "humanitarian crisis?" includes a severe shortage of hoop earrings and certain shades of lipstick. This of course are so dangerous that small children will cry when their mothers have to wear dangles instead of hoops on their wear. This is intolerable! Don't fear though, the Flotilla Cruise Line guests will have plenty of air conditioning to keep them cool while Hamas screams about not having electricity.
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Suggested Sports / Entertainment for the Gaza Cruise Ship Flotilla:
  Gaza sports stadiumOur Notes:Not only is there a sports stadium in Gaza, but as you can see in this photo, the grass is green and there are nice high-rise buildings in the background. Does this look like a humanitarian crisis to you? Of course not, because there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. It's all a blatant lie to the world and make Israel look bad. In fact, you can read this article about The Gaza World Cup 2010 which was broadcasted live on Al-Jazeera. This is clearly not the face of any humanitarian crisis. It is a complete fraud.
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Suggested Ground Transportation for the Gaza Cruise Ship Flotilla:
  Our Notes: Here is a great site for finding rental cars and drivers for your local stay in Gaza. After all, Hamas wants you to think they have no roads or decent cars, just camels and old clunkers, but that is not true. In fact, there are plenty of websites, in English, where you can book a car and driver so you never have to get lost while in Gaza. Oh, and by the way, "hiring a driver" is what is known in the rest of the world as a Chauffeur.
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Gaza Movie Theater Celebrates 8th Year Since Rebuilt After Islamic Extremists' Destroyed It - Great Destination for Flotilla Cruise Line Guests
  February 10, 2004, NPR's Peter Kenyon reported how the Gaza movie theater was rebuilt after "Islamic extremists" destroyed it. It was not destroyed by Israel, as Hamas would prefer people think, since they blame everything on Israel anyhow. The complex held live theater performances and music education, only the movie portion had to be rebuilt.

{short description of image} That was in 2004, and movie theaters hardly qualify for the "desperate humanitarian need" the flotilla advocates claim. That is, of course, unless you consider buttered popcorn to be a vital humanitarian need, after all, having to watch a movie in an air conditioned theater without buttered popcorn is apparently what the Palestinians consider to be torture when they constantly complain about Israel in the United Nations.

NEWS UPDATE: Yet another movie theater opens in Gaza! Flotilla Cruise Line Alert - they desperately need even more buttered popcorn!
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Gazan's Head To The Beach, Use Cabanas For Recreation - More Proof Gaza Is Not The 'Tent City' Palestinians Want You To Believe
  {short description of image}While some people want you to believe Gaza is a shanty town or a pup-tent farm, the fact is Gazan's are so wealthy, heading to the beach and using any available cabana is normal, as evidenced by the Palestinian media in reports to their own people. How many beach front resorts need humanitarian aid? The fact is, the flotilla is a fraud, denying real humanitarian aid to actual starving people around the world. It's just a giant fraud publicity stunt. The picture from their own report tells you what the truth is.
Read the beach vacation report here.
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'Maps of the World' Website Praises Shopping, dining and Hotels in Gaza
  FoodIf you want to know about shopping and dining in Gaza, check out travel sites not ran by the Palestinian Authority and their propaganda machine. The Maps Of The World site has this to say about Gaza: "Shopping in Gaza is a wonderful experience for all" and "…a plethora of options ranging from the elegant malls to the retail outlets."

Does this sound like the tent-city Gaza the Palestinian Authority wants you to believe? No, of course not, and it's because it was written by an independent source. Most importantly, cities with "elegant malls" certainly don't need humanitarian aid. This once again proves the fraud of the Gaza flotilla.
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Attention Gaza Flotilla Cruise Line Guests - Gaza's Olympic Sized Swimming Pool Operators Are In Desperate Need Of Large Fluffy Towels And Nose Plugs!
  swimmingWhen the Flotilla Cruise Line guests arrive in Gaza, they will undoubtedly want to cool off in the Olympic-sized swimming pool in Gaza opened in 2010. After all, being a passenger aboard ships where you have prepared foods and even pantries where people can cook on board the galley (ships kitchen) with no other responsibilities is very stressful. Even more stressful is having to eat at all the top rated restaurants in Gaza previously mentioned here.

So, when going to Gaza to bring humanitarian aid, we strongly suggest the Gaza Flotilla Cruise Line guests bring the desperately needed nose plugs and fluffy towels! I mean, let's face it, nobody is going to build an Olympic-sized swimming pool if you don't have food and trained lifeguards, so there must be plenty of food in Gaza. The real need for the flotilla, therefore, must be to remedy the shortage of nose plugs and fluffy towels.

By the way, if the fluffy towels are made from Egyptian cotton, they can continue to boycott Israel in the process as well. Wait, I take that back. Israeli technology is used in textile processing. Perhaps they can use the paper towels instead. Nope, I take that back too since Israel is the world leader in water purification which is important since large quantities of water are needed in the paper making process.
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Gaza's Outdoor Water Park Available to Gaza Flotilla Cruise Line Guests Who Don't Actually Want A Swimming Workout!
  For the Flotilla Cruise Line guests who want to cool off and not actually get a workout as they would in the Olympic-sized swimming pool, there is a fun alternative - Gaza's outdoor water park. It is plainly evident in the photos on this page that the people sitting around the pool in comfortable tables and chairs with food in these photos, watching people at the water park, sometimes posing for group photos, must be desperately in need of food, especially the overweight men and women, some with very large bellies draping over their belts.
water park
Wait, they are not hungry, they are fat! So what is the humanitarian need at the Gaza water park? Inner-tubes! Yes, fun requires an international crisis! The problem in Gaza is the fact that modern cars use tires without inner-tubes, thus causing horrible restrictions on a very vital part of fun.

Keen observers will notice that there is not one inner-tube in any of the photos, even the night photos where the array of water-jets glimmer in the multi-color lights. Not having inner-tubes is an intolerable situation that must be rectified, even if people have to lose their lives fighting the Israeli Navy to bring inner-tubes that can easily be shipped in via the Israel-Gaza crossing which has countless truckloads of goods entering Gaza daily. That is, of course, unless the Flotilla Cruise Line guests somehow want to claim car tire inner-tubes are a weapon Israel won't allow to cross into Gaza. Well, they know the truth, but facts should never get in the way of fun.
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Attention Gaza Flotilla Cruise Line Guests - You Can Join the Gaza Surfing Club on Facebook While At Sea!
  Water funThere is an intolerable condition in Gaza - it is a long distance call to the Palestine Sailing Federation's mobile number, 970-599-745666 from the flotilla ships! But have no fear - we have a solution to the problem. Gaza Flotilla Cruise Line Guests can easily join the club using the ship-board Internet connection via their Facebook page! Yes, there is no need to wait or worry because surfing in Gaza has never been easier.

There is a humanitarian crisis here too. As we write this, the Facebook group only has 8 members! Yes, the Gaza Surfing Club desperately needs members, and we aim to fix that. Please join the Flotilla Cruise Line guest as they solve the intolerable condition of few members to this vital surfing organization which inherently solves so many world problems while hanging 5 and riding the waves!
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Important Public Service Announcement for Gaza Flotilla Cruise Line Guests: Don't forget to bring your tuxedos and evening gowns if you want to eat at the ultra-elite 5-star restaurant at the Faisal Equestrian Club in Gaza!
  Faisal Equestrian ClubNaturally, many of the Gaza Flotilla Cruise Line guests will want to eat at several of the best restaurants in Gaza. One, however, is a little more exclusive than the rest, which alone can be considered a humanitarian crisis since it is so bourgeois. That's because the Faisal Equestrian Club in Gaza is beyond elite, but as a passenger of the Flotilla Cruise Line you are naturally exempt from such charges.

You may want to check with the concierge at the Grand Palace Hotel in Gaza for transportation, since they can make reservations and arrange a driver for you.

Side Note: A few Hamas types complained about this site with comments like "Gaza does not have equestrian club. Liar." Well, here's a great article from The Guardian titled Gaza's elite enjoy riding at Faisal for those of you who doubt us.
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Stressed out after a day of shopping in Gaza? We have the solution, the Hamam al-Samra Turkish Bath-house!
  Hamam-Al-Samra Bath-HouseHave you ever wanted to go to an authentic Turkish Bath-house? Well, if you are going to Gaza on the flotilla, you are in for a treat because in Gaza you do it in style at Hamam al-Samra, Gaza City's sole Turkish bath-house which boasts being nearly a thousand years old!

So, for the Flotilla Cruise Line members who are all stressed out after shopping at malls, dining at the Roots Club, playing at the water park or perhaps swimming in the Olympic-sized swimming pool and even riding horses at the Faisal Equestrian Club in Gaza, rest assured you can also get a massage and steam at the Hamam al-Samra Turkish bath-house.

For those who are worried it is only for men, have no fear. The 24-hour bathhouse has shifts for women, so people like Lauren booth can relax after her long day of shopping which we show here.
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    In his book Boycotting Peace, Fred Taub exposes the secrets behind the Arab Boycott of Israel / BDS campaign which is at the center of the Gaza Cruise Ship flotilla and other false claims against Israel.

    Want to know what the flotilla campaign is really about? Read Boycotting Peace.
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Boycotting Peace book cover
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    Fred Taub is the President of Boycott Watch, the leading authority on boycotts. His new book, Boycotting Peace, reveals the secrets behind the Arab boycott of Israel and the associated BDS campaign. He regularly appears in the media and his work has even been cited in two cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.
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