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(Exposing the fraud of the Gaza flotilla)
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Gaza Shopping Directory
{short description of image}   We were going to put together a detailed shopping guide, showing all the classic open-air Arab markets and the shopping malls, but we found this one photo which says it all. In this photo, internationally known peace activist Lauren Booth is in a Gaza store after taking part in the first Gaza flotilla. As you can see, the flotilla did not bring sacks of rice and jugs of water like they want you to believe.

   In fact, this is the opposite of the image they want you to have. If you ask Lauren Booth who converted to Islam, she would tell you the stores have bare shelves, the clerks don't have cell phone like the one we see here, and there are no phones nor UPC code scanners, nor the computer like we see here too.

   The photo proves there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The shelves are well stocked, including with American products - just look at the red cereal boxes!

      In this video, Lauren Booth claims mal nutrition of children, which of course is the exact opposite of what we see in the above photo of her, and for that matter the photo of the equestrian club, the posh hotels and eateries on the home page of this site. She also claims children don't get enough sun. Wait, it's Gaza, it's in a desert! No sun?? Yeah, right.

   So why would anyone believe the rest her statement? Well, smart people don't because when you are proven to have lied on the basics, nothing else can be believed either. And by the way, guess who is interviewing her? None other than the wacko George Galloway who blames the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the US in his Iranian television show.
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